Refresh, renew, and reconnect with the healthiest version of yourself as you enjoy a week in paradise. 

Our day begins with a restorative yoga practice with an ocean view followed by a delicious, nourishing smoothie to take to your daily Gut Reboot classes, where you will learn to troubleshoot and resolve digestive issues. 

After a satisfying, gut-supportive lunch, enjoy free time exploring the village, the beach, and the beauty of nature beyond (think hikes, jungle treks, visiting ancient sacred sites and caves, paddle boarding, whale watching) ... or simply enjoying a siesta. Enjoy local cuisine options and a sunset on the beach. Afterwards, we gather on the rooftop terrace for soul-stirring movement (or intentional stillness) under the stars. 

Your takeaways? Increased body awareness, total self empowerment, lifestyle upgrade, and practical tools for maintaining it YOUR body’s way. 

The Vitality Renewal Retreat team offers an array of brain-heart-gut options for healing and for relief from overwhelm, stuck-ness, and stress. Body, mind, spirit, and gut thrive in concert as we enjoy the blended synergy of yoga, nutrition, and dance, guided by seasoned, compassionate, supportive experts. 

Reserve your space now for the upcoming Vitality Renewal Retreat in Chacala! A deposit of $250 holds your space for this amazing event, and if you pay in full before November 10, 2019 you save $125! Hotel Pura Chacala is offering discounts on lodging to all retreat guests, email to find out more!

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser is a yoga educator, health coach, and recovery guide. She is dedicated to the study of yoga and meditation to promote both physical and mental wellness. Lindsay is a trauma-informed instructor trained in Iyengar foundational lineage. She leads alignment-based yoga with an open heart, offering modifications for injury prevention and post-operative bodies. Her teaching style is fun, practical, and informative. She teaches about all the systems of the body and encourages folks to take yoga off the mat and into their daily lives. She approaches wellness on a holistic level, helping her clients to transform their lives through yoga, nutrition, and various healing practices from all over the world. She is the founder of YogaRadiate and hosts women's wellness retreats in Mt. Shasta and the Oregon coast. In the winter, she teaches yoga and meditation in Mexico. She loves to travel, but always returns to her life-long home of Eugene, Oregon. 

Here is how Lindsay describes her approach to yoga instruction:

Whether you are new to Yoga or an experienced Yogi, you will enjoy creative daily practice with a beautiful oceanview. You will have the opportunity to learn about and move your body in new ways through the practice of Yoga. We begin each day with a slow, gentle Yoga class to wake up your body, mind and soul. Enjoying the sounds of ocean waves and tropical birds, you will be led through a series of breathing and movement each day that further connects you with yourself and your path to self-healing. Through Yoga, you will learn how to relieve pain and stress, prevent injuries and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle! There will be opportunities for more advanced sessions if there are yogis who want to practice their balances and headstands, but the daily group class is a gentle flow, designed for any ability level. “If you can breathe, you can practice Yoga!”

Katherine Belisle is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and digestive health specialist. Her passion is to help overwhelmed people to resolve their digestive issues in practical, doable steps that celebrates food and integrates a mind-body approach. Katherine brings a range of experience to her work, including professional certification and training in coaching, education, forest pathology, dance, medical intuition, and quantum touch. She loves to empower people with knowledge of how foods can help, and dispel the confusion and anxiety that currently exists due to dietary fads and the lack of awareness that exists between our hectic lives (too full) and our ability to digest. Working to minimize stress and to make the most of what is available and affordable, Katherine is especially passionate about maximizing the healing potential of fermented foods, mind-body awareness, and courageous action. She is founder of It Takes Guts Nutrition, the Guts to Heal Program, and the Fermented Foodies Culture Club. She lives in the wilds of the Yukon Territory with her husband and two homeschooled daughters.

Here is how Katherine describes the gut health upgrade available to retreat guests:

Whether you are new to gut health and nutrition or not, you will gain a new understanding about how the gut plays a central role in health problems you may be having.You will learn what may be wrong with your gut, how that connects to your symptoms, and what basic steps you can begin to correct it. If you are often feeling groggy, grumpy, bloated, or not your best self, know that these are signs of poor digestion. Your gut is not able to get all the nutrients it needs from your food, so it craves more, and since food is not fully broken down, your liver is working harder and you feel tired and just plain *blah*. So, in this retreat, the Gut Reboot includes daily digestive health classes plus six days of fresh, local and delicious smoothies for breakfast, and super-filling salads or soups for lunch. All foods provided to you have been chosen specifically to help give your body get a break while delivering nutrients that your gut and intestines will love. This approach also provides the opportunity for you to enjoy star-lit dinners out, in the lovely village of Chacala. Katherine’s teaching style is cheerful, encouraging, informative and introspective. She is excited to help you learn how to troubleshoot your digestion, make medicinal ferments at home, develop game-changing eating habits, and grow in awareness and trust of your gut-heart-mind connection.  

For more than two decades, Kathryn Thomas has practiced Nia, hatha yoga, and Pilates for mat. Based on a deep awareness and appreciation that the joy of movement is available to all bodies, she currently offers dance and other somatic experiences designed for any age, skill level, or range of motion. 

In addition to a PhD in Education, Kathryn holds a brown belt in the Nia Technique and has completed a 200-hour yoga training program. After a long and wonderful career in education – pre-kindergarten through university-level instruction, followed by empirical research and student teacher supervision – Kathryn now dances, practices yoga and Pilates, cooks, gardens, and plays with grandchildren. She currently studies the enneagram with Russ Hudson and Selfistry with Sarah Marshank. When not in Chacala, she lives with her sweetheart in San Antonio, Texas. 

Kathryn's retreat experiences include;

Each evening’s dance takes place on the Hotel Pura Chacala rooftop under the stars. After brief orientation and focus-setting, you are invited to sit or lie on a mat and await seduction by the music. Movement begins simply and gently, the sound inviting you to create, in your body's unique way, organic movement that nurtures and enlivens you. Cushions and mats are available for you to take a break – writing in a journal or meditating, perhaps – at any time. After the music brings us back to the floor, we close with optional sharing of our experience.

The Selfistry practice inspires the retreat movement experience ( Kathryn’s personal movement practice is inspired by Nia Technique components: Floor Play, FreeDance, Moving to Heal, and Choreography ( Optional Nia classes with these emphases are available, as well as mini-seminars to delve into lyrics for songs in Spanish. 

Marie Labrecque has been a cosmetologist for over ten years. She has her own salon in Oregon where she lives and works. Marie enjoys intimate connection with her clients, and began studying the healing properties of essential oils years ago so she could help people with pain and stress relief. In 2016, she received certification in AromaTouch, a form of light muscle manipulation using various essential oils. This deeply relaxing and therapeutic bodywork gently stimulates the lymphatic system to promote overall wellness. Marie's grounding presence and intuitive touch will ensure you have a lovely AromaTouch healing experience.

Hotel Pura Chacala The retreat will be hosted by Hotel Pura Chacala, located 400 meters from the beach and perched on a hillside in town, allowing for vistas of the charming town and beyond to the ocean.   Hotel Pura Chacala focuses on customer service and providing guests with a feeling of luxury; with organic cotton sheets, down feather pillows as well as organic soaps and shampoos. There is daily coffee service in the reception area, or you can make your own in your villa.  Afternoons can be spent exploring the village, the surrounding area, or lounging poolside with a good book. Our rooftop terrace hosts yoga and dance space, as well as a lounge area … all with an ocean view. Accomodations for the retreat are available at Hotel Pura Chacala at a package rate, contact us for options and details!

Reserve your space now for the upcoming Vitality Renewal Retreat in Chacala! A deposit of $250 holds your space for this amazing event, and if you pay in full before November 10, 2019 you save $125! Hotel Pura Chacala is offering discounts on lodging to all retreat guests, email to find out more!